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Before 2020, my bare feet wandered freely across human borders, they explored the corners of religion and reached for the depth of our oceans. I allowed my path to form by my deep curiosity. Unfixed and unpredictable as my travels seemed, I believe I was guided with great care and intention to where I am today...


Right before the lockdown in March 2020, I arrived on Hawaii to visit my dear friend Michael. I was supposed to leave the islands after seven days but my flight to Africa was cancelled and I decided to stay.  

2 years later, as I write this, I am still here

Even though Michael and I could sense the pain, worry and frustration of the world, our first few months of isolation were made of joy, lightness & play. Having Hawaii as our home during these strange times, surely aided in our ability to feel this way. With our hands on our hearts, we observed our suffering world and listened to the language of love on our periphery of the storm. As the world closed down further, we opened ourselves. And from a safe space deep within, our friendship transformed into love and simultaneously Earth Family emerged.


Dedicated to our vision, we founded Earth Family as an ethos-inspired creative non-profit. With Earth Family we wish to inspire a way of seeing the current state of the world as an opportunity for a loving reconnection with ourselves, each other and our planet.



Earth Family grows a garden of visions that flower with beauty, hope and inspiration.


Earth Family is an ethos-inspired creative non-profit.

Earth Family speaks for the voice-less and touches upon social taboos to affect positive change.

With art and beauty Earth Family communicates our deep connection to earth and ourselves.


Be Earth Family

by Marisa Papen

Alien brothers and sisters

We are here together 

as Earth People


In the physical

Nature’s invention 

Sprung from the same cell - soul

Scripted a billion times

In a million different plays - places


We are every single person,

Only divided by a thin pocket of flesh

Our Lungs full of shared air,

Breathed for us by far-away rainforest trees


We are both plant and animal

We are the stars and the soil


Home is Here

Life on Land


Meant to be

A planet of poetry


Oh, Harmony!


The light of love is only one switch away;

Respect all living things,

That fly, walk, crawl or swim

Show gratitude for everything this Home brings

See all as Family

Heaven is Here.

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