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In early August 2016, a controversial case involving the social networking site Instagram emerged when Marisa’s popular account was banned from the online platform. Papen’s unapologetically free-spirited photographs were deemed too provocative, despite her creative efforts to avoid breaking 'Instagram’s Terms of Use', by covering her nipples and other body parts judged “too explicit”. Marisa never re-opened an instagram account as she states: 

"Censorship de-naturalizes the body. It separates us from the natural world. We can not be separate from nature. We are in it, we are it."


With my art I have voiced a variety of difficulties we are facing upon this planet, from plastic in our oceans, wildlife disappearance in Africa to the atrocities of religion.

Since I have been banned from Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo, Wikipedia, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook... The only way to ‘follow’ me today is via Patreon. This platform has been a base of support that gives me the freedom to awaken and initiate my visions.


I thank you deeply for your love & support.



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